Torre Pabellón Monterrey, un respiro en la ciudad

Lately we have concentrated on talking about the great buildings of the City of Mexico and still have a lot to say and see, but we forget that in other states have not only had significant growth at industrial level, but also put more attention to something as important as architecture.

Walking through the center of Monterrey, among the many buildings that have and those who speak another time, is the Pavilion M. That is nothing a building in your area, it contains Convention Center, a shopping center and Hotel Fiesta Americana one.

Its construction took eight years in total, and still smells new because its total operation began in June 2016. Its value is that it is one of the standard buildings means a new era for the city, modernization; was the first building to exceed 200 meters in Monterrey and for a time was the tallest building in the state until it exceeded the Koi Tower and it is expected that when the Tower 3 MetropolitánCentrer is ready, be relieved to third post.

There was more than a delay because of the economic crisis and state security, plus they were modified many of the initial ideas, but finally started its construction with the head of Agustín Landa as responsible for what would on the plans.

But still, while the foundations were made, they had to make modifications, both budget and structure; plus it became possible to move delivery dates. But finally it came to fruition with the project and is now just one of the buildings that give the city new life.

Cababie Daniel Abraham.